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From the Free Lunch Studios in Tariffville, Connecticut, along with his freelance illustration and design services, Matt Ryan offers courses in drawing, cartooning, and creating comic strips and comic books. From penciling to inking and lettering, Matt is here to help you achieve your artistic ambitions! He also offers classes in character design, monster drawing, finished comics and other various medias. Free Lunch Studios is a place to test your skills, with special events like guest lectures, 24 Hour Comic Challenge and weekly Monday Night Kids Jam and Monday Night Jam sessions. Matt has also taught in other programs and locations including The YMCA, New Britain Museum of Modern Art, The New England Air Museum and a variety of other businesses, libraries and locations.

The Kids Jam is every Monday night from 5 to 6pm. Join Matt Ryan on new creative missions every week! Perfect for ages 7 - 13! Always includes the Monday Night News and share time! Live too far away to participate? Matt shares it through the Free Lunch Studios Patreon site as Eye Candy episodes!  The (adult) Monday Night Jam is a creative drop in that runs from 6 - 8:30p! Work on your projects! Get feedback from like-minded creators! Artistic exercises! A place to work. A place to play. Make new friends and see old ones!   BOTH SESSIONS ARE $5 EACH

Come and develop skills in a relaxed atmosphere while working on individual projects. Components of drawing and painting will explore pencil, charcoal, watercolors and acrylic paint, working from photo reference and the imagination. Emphasis will be on creativity and individual expression. Experiment with a new medium, try something new! 10 week course, 2.5 hour sessions, Fridays from 4 - 6:30pm. Rolling enrollment, running since September 2009. Class is $225, ages 13 and up

Sequential Arts meets every Thursday from 6 - 7pm and it's sole mission is to teach how to be a better visual storyteller! All ages are welcome! Only $50 for four sessions! Group discounts are available!

The classes are also available on Patreon!

Have a story you're dying to tell? Join Matt Ryan of Free Lunch Studios in this hands-on comic creating experience! We'll cover plot, assembly and layout in this fun and focused workshop! We'll address different formats of minis and the digital application too! Materials are available BUT you can certainly bring your own! All ages welcome (pay attention to the duration of the event) and pack your lunch! Only $15 per participant!

Looking for that one-on-one drawing experience for yourself? Do you have a group of young creators or a home school group? Free Lunch offers sessions for you or your group either in the office, at your home, place of business, or virtually! Contact Free Lunch for prices and availability.

Lesson Fees

Matt guides students through the creation of a comics page, the construction of a character, and the life of a comic from script to press. The educational and entertaining performance encourages participation from the audience as Matt creates the characters, scenarios and pages. Students learn the basics of comics mechanics, the basics of drawing, and creating a story. The assembly is best followed by workshops where students can put the principles they've learned into action by creating their own written and drawn pages. A proud participant in the Hartford Performs project and CT Humanities.         Click here to visit the Comic Construction website!

Monster creation and conflict at Free Lunch in the special King of the Monster Mountain TOURNAMENT! Candy! Creativity! Chaos! All wrapped in a fun, massive tabletop gaming experience! Ages 8 and beyond!
Watch the Free Lunch Studios social media accounts for dates and times! Only $20 for this drawing and gaming workshop.

D&D is popular and we here at Free Lunch love it! We offer a number of ways for people to play! We pick one day off each month for younger players to adventure during their days off from school, we host Thursday night groups that meet twice a month and special all day weekend events.   Please contact us for availability.

Player age

Bring your miniatures, paints and brushes! We're having a miniature paint day! Don't got 'em? Don't worry! We have stuff for you!

Children under 14: NO PHONES
$15 per particiapant

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